B Smarter

Which Milk Brand is the Best in the UAE?

  A few years ago, I decided to write an article about milk and all of its controversies with one goal in mind: to see if I should be giving my kids milk or not, and if so, which kind. In that article “The Dairy Debate”, I discussed the general topic of pasteurization, the differences…

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B Stronger

Cardio Stair Workout – Beginner Version Included

      If you don’t like traditional cardio training, you might find this stair workout a refreshing change.     It’s a great way to improve your fitness level and agility, and burn a good number of calories.   It took me around 30 minutes to complete this workout and was soaked (I mean…

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B Better

Sweet Temptations

My kids, from left, Vincent, 8, Theodore, 10, Vanessa, 6, and Isabella, 4.   I have four children – two boys and two girls, between the ages of 4 and 10.   They all go to school, participate in after-school sports and activities, play with friends and enjoy birthday parties and weekend outings.   And…

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B Nourished

B’s Glorious Green Smoothie

    A client of mine recently gifted me the Cadillac of all blenders – the Vitamix (I know, lucky right?) and since then I’ve become a smoothie-making machine!   I’ve tried so many different recipes; from Google searches to smoothie books, to just winging it myself.   And let me tell you, it hasn’t…

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