Full Body Combination Workout

Posted on Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 at 5:39 am

 I’ve finally figured out a way to convert my video from my new HD camera to a version that my computer can process.


I just can’t seem to keep up with technology!! Anyone else feel the same way? 


Anyway, this workout is great for those who don’t have equipment or a lot of time to exercise.


It only takes 12 minutes and it will work your full body. 


A beginner version is also included. 


I apologize in advance if the quality of the video seems a little off but it’s the best solution I could find at the moment and I just wanted to share the workout with you as quickly as possible.


It’s still a great workout nonetheless and you’ll definitely work up a good sweat. 


The full details of the workout are below:



Workout Details:


Set your interval timer to countdown from 12 minutes. 


There are 3 different exercises that are combined into one routine, which you will perform continuously until the time runs out. 


In between each of the exercises, you will perform a forward and backward jump to add a cardio element. 


Beginners can eliminate the jumps (see video for instructions). 


Make sure to keep track of the number of sets (rounds) you complete so that you can try to beat your score the next time you try this workout and monitor your progress.


Here’s the sequence:


1. Forward/Backward Jump: 

This exercise activates your cardiovascular system and helps increase power and strength in your lower body.  Land softly on the balls of your feet first.  Beginners can eliminate the jumps altogether or choose to step forward and backward instead of jumping.


2. Right Side Lunge: 

This exercise targets the inner thigh of the right leg.  Make sure that you keep your upper body tall as you lunge to the side.  Do not bend the body forward at the waist.  Also make sure that your toes are pointing forward or to a slight 45 degree angle out.  If your toes are pointing away from your body, you will work a completely different muscle.  You should feel the inner thigh muscle working. 


3. Forward/Backward Jump


4. Left Side Lunge: 

Same comments as #2 but working the inner thigh of the left leg.


5. Forward/Backward Jump


6. Left Leg Backward Lunge:  This exercise targets your lower legs and glutes (bum).  Lunges are well known for shaping your bottom and giving you what surgeons call the Brazillian butt lift.  Make sure you keep your chest tall as you lunge down and be careful not to touch your knee on the floor.  Keep your knee about two inches off the floor.


7. Forward/Backward Jump


8. Right Leg Backward Lunge: 

Same comments as #6.


9. Forward/Backward Jump


10. Half Burpee Push-Up: 

This exercise targets many muscle groups; the core, shoulders, chest, tricep, and legs. Make sure your lower back doesn’t sink when you jump into a plank and perform the push-up. Engage your core by tucking your belly button in towards your spine and breathing throughout the exercise.


11. Forward/Backward Jump


12.  Half Burpee Push-Up: 

Same comments as #10.


This entire sequence counts as 1 set.  You will feel that it has a systematic flow to it as you move from side to side, then front to back, then low to high.  It might take you 1 or 2 sets to remember the sequence of exercises, but afterwards it should become instinctive.


I hope you enjoy the workout and please let me know how you did.


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