Approx. 15-minute Full Body Workout

Posted on Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 at 7:50 am


Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying my workouts so far.


Today’s routine follows a similar format: 3 sets (rounds) of 4 different exercises that target the full body including the lower, upper, core and cardio.


Many people are skeptical about whether or not short workouts can be effective in gaining muscle and losing fat.


Well, to that I say stop wondering and give it a try! 


Workout Details:

1. Squat Tuck Jump to Side Lunge x 10 reps (alternate sides)

A squat tuck jump to side lunge combo counts as 1 repetition. Perform a total of 10 repetitions while alternating sides.

2. Lunge x 2 to Front Kick x 10 reps each leg

After 10 repetitions on 1 leg, switch and perform 10 more on the other leg.

3. Burpee to Santana Push-Up x 10 reps (alternate sides)

A burpee to Santana push-up combo counts as 1 repetition. Perform a total of 10 reps while alternating sides. This exercise was really hard for me so I did the last two reps from my knees.

4. Reverse Plank Leg Lift x 10 reps (alternate legs)

Every leg lift counts as 1 repetition.

Repeat this sequence 2 more times.


It took me 15 minutes 23 seconds to complete all 3 rounds.


Rest and drink water in between each set, but only rest as much as needed.


As always, remember to properly warm-up and stretch when you’re done.


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