B-Fit #7 – 4-Minute Interval Workout Series

Posted on Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 at 5:18 am



Hi guys!


I hope you’re enjoying the weekend and spending good quality time with your families and friends. 


Today’s workout is an awesome 4-minute cardio routine that will have you huffing in the first 20 seconds! 


I really loved it for the simple fact that you don’t need alot of space or equipment and it’s easy to remember. 


It’s also a lot of fun to feel like a kid again and do things that we once considered play and not exercise… like jumping and hopping. :)


Ladies, make sure you wear a good supportive bra and make sure you have your water bottle handy because this workout is intense. 


I forgot to show the beginner variation for the long jump, so I’ll explain it here. 


Instead of jumping with two feet forward, jump forward with one foot at at time as if you’re stepping over a puddle. 


We’re picking up the pace tomorrow with a brand new full body workout.  I’ll see you then…


Enjoy and as always… Be Positive!


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