Bored? Bounce Your Way Fit!

Posted on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 8:23 am


With the new opening of Bounce in Al Quoz, a wall-to-wall playground of interconnected trampolines and JumpBoxx in Mirdif, I thought I would share some cool facts to prove that rebounding is not just for kids!



Cool Fact #1:


Rebounding, which is basically a fancy word for jumping on a trampoline or other spring-loaded products, has been around for a very long time but was popularized in the 1980’s when NASA discovered that it can help astronauts rebuild bone mass after returning from space.


According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, 1 in 3 women over 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures, as will 1 in 5 men. 


So ladies, think of rebounding as a fun form of health insurance for your bones.


Cool Fact #2:


Jumping on a trampoline places approximately 2 to 3 times the force of gravity at the bottom of each jump (depending on how high you jump), which means you can strengthen your muscles and boost your cardio fitness level with less effort! 


In fact, NASA showed that rebounding can be more than twice as effective as treadmill running.


And unlike traditional cardio exercises like jogging and training on hard surfaces, rebounding gives you benefits without the excess pressure on the joints.



Cool Fact #3:


Bouncing up and down causes EVERY cell in the body to respond to forces of acceleration and deceleration and greatly impacts our lymphatic system, which carries white blood cells throughout the body and drains dead cells, metabolic waste and toxins away from our body through sweat, mucus, urine and liver bile.


But to work properly, the lymphatic system (which runs vertically up the body) needs movement, gravitational pressure and internal massage. 


This is why the up-down movement of rebounding combined with the added G-force is so effective at pumping the lymph, detoxifying the body and helping with immune function.


Cool Fact #4:


Imagine shaking a balloon filled with water.  Everything moves. 


In the same way, rebounding can help improve digestion and bowel movements, and “shake up” our internal organs and fluids. 


And for women affected by incontinence, light rebounding can also help strengthen the concerned area – just be sure to focus on engaging the pelvic floor muscles when jumping and begin with low jumping if your case is severe.



Ways to Bounce


There’s no need to be an experienced acrobat to gain the benefits from jumping on a trampoline. 




If you’re a beginner or have joint pain, try small, gentle bounces with your feet never leaving the mat. 


This is a low impact form of exercise that can also be effective at moving your lymphatic system.




When you get a little stronger and more comfortable with the trampoline, consider adding high jumping. 


This involves jumping as high as you can, which really helps challenge and improve your balance and agility.




For maximum intensity and more advanced trampoline users, add acrobatic skills such as star jumps, jumping jacks, seat drops, single leg jumps, stomach drops, back drops, and if you dare – front and back flips (watch my first attempt at doing a double front tuck off the trampoline here). 


These exercises will help improve coordination and body control, as well as get your heart pumping and get you *sparkling* in no time!


Trampoline Alternatives

If you don’t have access to a trampoline park, consider buying a mini-trampoline for home use. 


For added health benefits, take it outside and get some vitamin D from the sun. 


Beginners should begin slowly and gradually increase the duration to one hour. 


If you get bored, consider bouncing in front of the TV or while listening to audio books.


Another great trampoline alternative are a pair of Kangoo Jumps. 


These bouncy shoes resemble rollerblades; however they have a moon-shaped spring on the bottom of the foot, which creates a great rebound effect. 


They are also low-impact and can be used indoor and outdoor, making them a very versatile form of rebound exercise. (Look, even Kim K is using them!)


Whatever style of rebounding you prefer, make sure to include it regularly into your fitness routine as the health benefits far exceed the ones mentioned above. 


Oh and did I mention how much fun it is? 


I can guarantee this is one exercise that will put a smile on your face and make you feel like a kid again.




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Until next time…


Stay healthy and be positive!

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