Cellulite Truth Exposed

Posted on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 at 12:23 pm



I recently received an email from a lady who was desperate to reduce her cellulite despite her efforts of exercising and eating right. 


I know this is a common concern, especially for women, so I’m going to address this lumpy issue head on; what is cellulite, why do we get it, and ultimately, how do we get rid of it!


Cottage Cheese Anyone?


Cellulite is just a fancy word for fat that is located directly beneath your skin. 


The reason for its lumpy, cottage cheese-like appearance depends on your skin type, the connective tissues that separate fat cells into compartments, and the amount of body fat that you have.


Men tend to have thicker skin than women, which makes cellulite less visible in men than in women. 


As a result, even slim women are prone to developing cellulite as they age, largely due to the skin becoming thinner over time. 


And to add insult to injury, while men tend to have horizontal or crisscross patterns, women’s fat pockets tend to be shaped like honeycombs, giving fat a greater chance to protrude or bulge under the skin when weight is gained. 


So men are clearly more advantageous when it comes to battling cellulite.


Why Do We Get It?


If you have cellulite, chances are that your mother and grand-mother have it too. 


Genetics determines the way you store fat, the location, and the number of fat cells that you have. 


However, the family tree is not the only factor to blame. 


Your activity level is another crucial factor associated with cellulite. 


Exercise decreases the odds of developing cellulite because it helps keep your body fat percentage within a normal range and strengthens your muscles, which both result in smoother looking skin.  


Any exercise program that causes weight loss reduces the amount of stored fat which will diminish the dimpling to some extent.


Is There a Quick-Fix?


Women spend massive amounts of money on anti-cellulite treatments and products but they all have two things in common – none of them work and they’re all a waste of money! 


Allow me to expose the most common cellulite treatments available now:


Creams, Lotions & Dietary Pills


It’s a simple fact that creams do not have the ability to penetrate the skin and rearrange the fat cells underneath the surface. 


Over-the-counter pills are also part of the big scam.  In fact, in year 2000, the US Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Rexall Sundown, Inc., because of unsubstantiated claims regarding the supplement Cellasene. 


Unfortunately, as one company gets stopped, others emerge all promising to have the next miracle solution.


Body Wraps & Massages

Body wraps and massage-type treatments are also worthless if you are looking for a permanent solution. 


Fat cells are like giant marshmallows that can be compressed, and that is exactly what body wraps and massages do. 


Immediately after the wrap or massage, your skin may have a smoother appearance, but it does not take long before the fat cells bounce back to normal.




Liposuction is a surgical procedure designed to remove fatty deposits from localized areas of the body. 


Although liposuction can shape the body, it does not remove cellulite. 


In fact, cellulite can become even more apparent after liposuction due to the skin becoming more lax after surgery.




Laser machines are being used for a number of problems from smoking to hair removal to cellulite reduction. 


The problem once again is that its effects on cellulite are not permanent and the procedures can be very expensive. 


These procedures combine tissue massage and laser energy or infrared light, which may have the possibility of incinerating some of the fat cells, but once again the results are short-lived.


The Bottom Line


Cellulite is fat. 


So if you want to get rid of it, you’ll have to reduce your percentage of body fat by using CPR – Cardiovascular training, Proper Nutrition, and Resistance training. 


If you need help, then reach out to me. Often times, simple changes to your diet and exercise routine can help make a big difference.


On the other hand, if you’re already active and carry a healthy weight, then don’t obsess over it. 


It’s just a normal part of being human so love yourself – lumps and all!



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