Dubai Skyline Workout

Posted on Sunday, October 9th, 2011 at 7:24 am


I’m travelling tomorrow so I decided to do another 12-minute countdown workout. 


I have alot of last minute details to sort out so I needed a quick and effective workout.  


It goes by fast so make sure you push as hard as you can to make the best out of the workout. 


The lying leg rotations killed me on the last set, so I had to modify the exercise to be able to continue. 


Remember that proper form is more important than quantity.  Don’t risk proper form for the sake of doing more repetitions. 


It wasn’t as cloudy today so I decided to show you the skyline of Dubai from my roof top again. 


This time you can see as far as Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building and a truly remarkable piece of art. 


As always, I show a beginner version in the video and below you’ll find the complete workout details:



Workout Details:


Set your interval timer to countdown from 12 minutes or just keep track of the time on a watch or a clock.  Perform the following 3 exercises one after the other until the time runs out.  Do 30 repetitions for each exercise.  Keep track of your sets so that you can try to beat your score the next time you try this workout.


1. Skater Lunge Touchdown x 30 reps: 

Every touchdown counts as 1 repetition.  This exercise is great for the glutes (bum) and thighs.  The jumps also activate your cardiovascular system and help increase power and strength in your lower body.


2. Crab Kick Dips x 30 reps: 

Every dip counts as 1 repetition.  After you bend your elbows and kick your leg  to perform the dip, make sure you raise your hips back up as high as you can to activate the glutes (bum) & hamstring.  This exercise also targets your core and triceps.


3. Lying Leg Rotations x 30 reps: 

Every rotation counts as 1 repetition.  Make sure to keep both shoulders pinned to the floor at all times throughout the range of motion.  Also make sure that you keep your lower back pressed to the floor by sucking in your belly button but don’t forget to breathe! This exercise works the core to the max!  Don’t be afraid to modify the exercise by doing smaller leg rotations when you get tired. 


Keep repeating this sequence until the 12 minutes are done.


I hope you enjoy the workout and I’d love to hear how you did.


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