Facing Your Fears Head On

Posted on Monday, August 26th, 2013 at 5:00 am



My hands are shaking as I’m typing this post.  Not from fear, but from the adrenaline that is still flowing through my body.


Today I attempted a new move at gymnastics; a move that I’ve never done before – not even as a kid.


So why am I sharing this with you?  Well, I guess part of the reason is that child-like urge to show off our achievements to our friends and family.  But more importantly, I’m sharing this with you to prove that we can do anything we set our mind on doing.


I understand that fear is there to protect us from harm but in many instances, our fears only hold us back.


We fear failure, we imagine the worst possible scenarios and we doubt ourselves. 


Our fears put us into a box and limit our capabilities. 


The bottom line is that we are our own obstacles and we are the only ones standing in our own way - in every aspect of life.


Over the years, I learned a new definition for FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real. 


As real as our fears may feel, we have to keep reminding ourselves that they aren’t real and that they can be overcome.


Do you fear spiders or snakes?  What about heights?  Why is it that some people can jump out of a plane while others can’t even jump off the edge of their pool? 


It’s fear – ridiculous scenarios that we make up in our minds!


Today was liberating to say the least.  I kept thinking that I was going to land on my head (which was likely) but I just stopped thinking and threw myself into it. 


It was scary, exhilarating and liberating all in one.  


As you’ll see, I couldn’t help but scream. :) 


Check it out:



Now imagine for just a second that you had no fears. 


What would you wish you could do?  How do you imagine you would feel if you accomplished it? 


Please leave your comments below and let’s keep the conversation going.


See it. Feel it. Hear it. And go for it!

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