Free-B #12

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 at 6:46 am



Hi guys,


I’m back from vacation.  We had an amazing two weeks in Europe but I’m definitely happy to be back home and have my kids in a routine again. 


Today’s workout (below) is the routine I did as soon as we returned from vacation and my abs were sore for the next two days! 


I haven’t felt my stomach muscles sore like that in a long time and it feels great. 


Who doesn’t love working out their abs, right? It’s like a reminder that they’re there. ;) 


Anyway, it’s a simple routine with 2 exercises:  the Burpee Push-Up challenge and the Split Jack Knife. 


Make sure you warm-up for a few minutes before the workout and stretch afterwards.


My score:  84 burpee push-ups in 10 minutes. 


I’ll try it again today and let you know if I beat my number.  Remember though that quality is always better than quantity so watch your form as you get tired. 


How many can you get in?  Post it here or on Facebook. :) 


Enjoy and be positive!


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