Free-B #17

Posted on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 at 9:08 am



Hey guys,


I’m not sure what made today’s workout so special, but I absolutely loved it. 


I guess I rate my workouts based on how I felt afterwards and this one left me feeling energetic and positive all day long. 


I just felt really really good about myself and my life in general and I hope it puts a ray of sunshine into your life as well. :)


So today’s workout targets all of the major muscle groups using only your bodyweight. 


No equipment is needed except for a mat or a towel. 


The goal is to complete 3 rounds for time and I managed to finish this routine in 14 min 41 seconds. 


Is that good?  How do you rate yourself?  Use your own score as a baseline measure, not anyone else’s. 


I encourage you to try this workout again in 2 weeks time and I bet you will be able to beat your time.  That’s how we measure progress! 


As always, make sure you warm-up for a few minutes before the workout and don’t forget to stretch afterwards.


Enjoy and as always… Be Positive!


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