Free-B #21

Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 5:51 am



Hi guys,


Today’s workout is a core challenge. 


Not only does it target the abdominals, but it also strengthens the muscles all around the spine that support it like a corset.  


As a result, it’s normal to feel soreness in your lower back the next day if this is an area that you do not train often. 


Having a strong core is like building a strong foundation for your house.  It is where all of your strength and power lies. 


In fact, during my Masters program, I learned that the very first muscle that gets activated during any movement is the transverse abdominus (TvA). 


This is the deepest muscle within the core and it is the first muscle to contract during any movement. 


We can activate this muscle by sucking in our belly button towards our spine, which is why I am constantly reminding you to squeeze in your stomach during every exercise to protect your spine.


There are two points to remember for today’s workout:


1) never hold your breath and 2) keep proper form. 


If you get tired before the time is up, rest for a bit or modify the exercise to make it a little easier. 


And just a note to beginners… I do show beginner variations, but if they are still too difficult for you to perform, then try one my easier Free-B EASY workouts or skip the difficult exercise. 


I forgot to mention an easier modification for the handstand against the wall.  If walking your feet up the wall is still too difficult, then place your feet onto a chair or a step instead.


As always, make sure you warm-up for a few minutes before the workout and don’t forget to stretch afterwards.



Enjoy and as always… Be Positive!

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