Free-B #6

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 8:31 am



Hi guys,


I’m not going to sugar-coat today’s workout… Free-B #6 is a killer. :)


There are 4 different exercises that work absolutely every single muscle in your body which makes it a really effective workout. 


The goal is to complete 3 rounds as fast as you can, however never compromise good form for the sake of beating the clock. 


You will complete 10 repetitions for each exercise before moving onto the next one in the circuit. 


No equipment is needed, which makes it great for those of you travelling soon for summer vacation. 


As always, I show beginner modifications at the end of the workout and if these moves are still too difficult, then you’ll love my Thursday Free-B EASY workout.


Always remember to warm-up and stretch afterwards, and remember… Be Positive!



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