Free-B EASY #5

Posted on Thursday, June 21st, 2012 at 7:08 am



Hi guys,


Do you feel that the weeks have been getting busier and busier as the summer approaches? 


On top of our usual workloads there are year-end school shows, concerts, exams, preparations for travel, gift buying and so on.  


All of these out-of-norm events can throw us off of our routines, but try to stay focused, plan ahead and make your daily workouts a priority. 


Health first, and everything else can follow. 


Free-B EASY #5 was supposed to be featured by Emily, but due to her exams and my crazy schedule it was impossible to meet this week so I’m taking you through the workout again.  


Hopefully the stars will align for next week’s workout. :)


So there are 6 exercises that target all of the major muscle groups including core and cardio, which makes it a very effective workout for burning fat and toning your muscles. 


You will need some kind of weight to hold for one of the exercises but you can use a water bottle or a heavy book – just be creative! 


The goal is to perform as many repetitions as you can during the 30-second intervals and complete 3 to 5 rounds of the entire circuit.


Do the best that you can.  If you can only do 1 round for now, that is fine.


With time and effort, you will gain enough strength to complete more rounds.


Always remember to warm-up and stretch afterwards, and remember… Be Positive!



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