Full Body Sculpt & Tone Workout

Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2012 at 7:53 am



Hi Guys,


What a night I had last night.  I’m sure every parent out there knows the feeling of interrupted sleep from 3am onwards. 


It’s such an exhausting feeling but instead of sleeping in and wasting the morning away, get up and start your day… even though you may look and feel like a zombie! 


Tell yourself that you will take a quick cat nap in the afternoon if you have the luxury of doing so or make sure that you get to bed earlier than usual. 


Today’s 12-minute full body workout will boost your energy and make sure you sleep like a baby… until your baby wakes you up that is. :) 


If the exercises are too difficult, then try the beginner modifications or try one of my easier Basic Beginner workouts. 


Give today’s workout a try and you’ll find the complete workout details below:





Set your Gymboss Interval Timer to 6 rounds and two intervals: 10 seconds of rest followed by 30 seconds of work.


The workout has a total of 3 bodyweight exercises. Each exercise will take you 4 minutes to complete.


It is important that you always listen to your body and adjust the intensity as you see fit.


Here are the exercise details to clarify:


Note: Although not shown in the video, it is very important that you warm-up before your workout and stretch afterwards.


You can find some easy stretches in my previous stretching routine here:




Start your interval timer. After the first 10-second beep, perform the first exercise (Walking Plank Push-Ups) for 30 seconds.


When it beeps again, rest for 10 seconds then perform the same exercise again for another 30 seconds. 


Repeat the same exercise until all 6 rounds are finished.


Then reset your interval timer and repeat following the same pattern for the next exercise, and so on.


1. Walking Plank Push-Ups: 

The walking plank targets the shoulders, upper back, and core.  The push-up itself targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps.  Make sure that you keep your body neutral when you walk from side to side.  Avoid lifting the bum up in the air.  Beginners can do this exercise from their knees.


2. Lunge Stretch Step-Ins: 

This exercise will make your bum and legs burn!  And if you do it quickly enough, it’ll get your heart rate up as well.  Make sure that your supporting knee does not go beyond your front foot to avoid putting strain on the knee.  If you can’t touch the floor, rest your arms on your knees as shown in the video.


3. Lying Leg Rotations: 

This exercise targets your core.  Make sure that your shoulders stay flushed against the floor as you rotate the legs and do not allow your lower back to arch.  For that, you’ll need to suck in your belly button towards your spine throughout the exercise and keep breathing. 


Keep track of the number of repetitions that you complete each round so that you can try to beat it the next time you try the workout and ensure continuous improvement.




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