Healthier Burger King Fries?

Posted on Saturday, September 28th, 2013 at 3:48 am

Burger King’s new Satisfries.  (Image source taken from Burger King)


Have you heard of Burger King’s latest publicity stunt? 


They’ve recently introduced lower calorie crinkle cut fries called “Satisfries”.


I get it.  They want to create a product that will boost sales and if that also happens to polish their image by offering a more “health-conscious” item on their menu, then why not – right?


But do they really care about becoming more health-conscious and are these fries really better for you?


Let’s first compare the calorie-count shall we?


(Nutrtition facts taken from Burger King)


The difference is a mere 70 calories in the small fry and only a 90 calorie-difference in their large variety. 


When you order one of their 1,000-calorie or more combo meals, that difference becomes insignificant to say the least.


What about their ingredients? Let’s compare:


If you can’t read it, view BK’s full nutrition info here.


While their new formulation causes less oil to be absorbed, it still contains GMO oils and preservatives. 


There goes their attempt at being more health-conscious.  Strike two!


In my opinion, another problem is that similar to the low-fat diet craze in the 80’s, people will feel that they can eat more of these lower calorie, lower fat food-products. 


It’s human nature. Tell someone they can’t have something, they’ll want it more. Tell a dieter that a food they enjoy has less calories and they’ll feel that they can have more of it! 


And from past results, they probably will too…


Strike three!  Satisfries, you’re out!


The bottom line is this.  


Regardless of calories, if you’re looking to get healthy and lose some weight, stay away from fast food chains altogether.  


Obvious, but a fact.

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