Kick It! Workout

Posted on Friday, September 23rd, 2011 at 7:34 am


Hi Everyone,


I love all kinds of sports - one of which is martial arts.


So today’s workout is karate-inspired.  But don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience. 


In my video, I demonstrate the advanced and beginner versions of this workout and the moves are pretty simple.


The most important thing is that you do your best!  


The workout is only 16 minutes long but will surely get your heart pumping, muscles working, and give you a good sweat. 


Please leave me your comments and I hope you enjoy the workout as much as I did.




Workout Details:


Set your interval timer to two intervals: 10 seconds of rest and 50 seconds of work. 


If you don’t have an interval timer, just keep track of your time on a watch that has a second hand.


There are 6 different exercises and you will push yourself as hard as you can during those 50 seconds.


Perform the entire circuit twice for a total of 16 minutes.


Here is the order of the exercises:


1. Round Kick Touch Down (Left Leg)


2. Single Leg Jump Rope (Left Leg) 


3. Round Kick Touch Down (Right Leg)


4. Single Leg Jump Rope (Right Leg)


5. Squat Kicks (Front, Side & Back):

i.e. Perform a squat, then kick to the front one leg at a time, then squat and do a side kick on each side, then squat a third time and perform a back kick on each leg, and repeat.


6. Running Jump Rope


7. Elbow Strike Push-Ups


8. Bicycle Maneuver


Repeat the exercises from the top once more and you’re done!


Have fun!


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