Killer Full Body Workout

Posted on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at 6:43 am



What better way to end the week then with a killer workout, right?!  :)  


If you’re a beginner, don’t get scared off.  Try the beginner variations and do your best. 


Even if you can only do 1 repetition, that’s one more than you normally would do and so you’ll be getting stronger. 


Take small steps and you’ll achieve big goals!


Today’s workout is a circuit-interval workout and the goal is to complete 4 sets. 


It will take you 12 minutes to complete unless you need more time to rest in between each exercise. 


Remember to always include a warm-up and stretches afterwards.


A warm-up can be as simple as running on the spot for a few minutes or running up and down the stairs if you have any.


My favorite warm-up is to jump rope for about 3 minutes.


The point of the warm-up is exactly that – to make the muscles warm and supple and ready for exercise.


Beginner variations are included as always, and the full workout details are below:



Workout Details:


Set your Gymboss Interval Timer to 16 rounds of 2 intervals: 15 seconds of rest followed by 30 seconds of work.


There are 4 different exercises and you will do each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds before performing the next exercise in the circuit.


Keep repeating the circuit over and over until you have completed 16 rounds (or 4 sets).


Take a quick sip of water if you need to during your 15-second rest intervals.


Here are the details:


Exercise Sequence:


1. Runner’s Lunge Step-Ins (Left Leg) for 30 seconds then rest for 15 seconds.


2. Forward Crawl to Push-Up for 30 seconds then rest for 15 seconds.


3. Hip Roll to Tuck Jump for 30 seconds then rest for 15 seconds.


4. Elbow Plank Crunch (Left Side) for 30 seconds then rest for 15 seconds.


All 4 exercises count as 1 set. At the next set, perform exercises # 1 & 4 on the right side and keep alternating with each set. 


Perform 4 sets (or 16 rounds on your interval timer).


If you’re a beginner, listen to your body and only do as many sets as is comfortable for you.


Exercise Details: 


**Remember to activate your core in each exercise by sucking in your belly button towards your spine and breathing throughout the range of motion.


1. Runner’s Lunge Step-Ins: 

This is a great exercise for the legs and glutes (bum).  The lower your body is to the ground, the more difficult it becomes.  If you get tired, support yourself on your knees.  Make sure that your back stays straight and does not round out throughout the range of motion.


2. Forward Crawl to Push-Up: 

The crawl targets the core and shoulders.  The push-up targets the chest, shoulders, triceps and core.  Make sure that you walk forward until your body is in a straight line before performing the push-up.  If you’re a beginner, only go as far out as is comfortable for you.  Make sure that you breathe throughout the exercise.


3. Hip Roll to Tuck Jump: 

This roll to stand-up targets the legs, glutes, and core.  The tuck jump adds a cardio and power element, which adds overall power and strength to the lower body.


4. Elbow Plank Crunch: 

This exercise mainly targets the obliques (side abdominals).  Make sure that you legs are in line with your body and raise your hips as high as you can towards the ceiling/sky before performing the crunch.  Try to touch your elbow to your supporting hand when performing the crunch. 



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