Really Good 10-Minute Workout

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 at 6:56 am



Hi Everyone,


I hope you all had a nice weekend with your families and friends. 


Last week, I decided to take the week off from shooting workouts because I was really running on low batteries and needed a break.  


I was afraid of doing so in fear of disappointing you all, but if I’m going to practice what I preach, then rest & recuperation are vital parts of living a healthy lifestyle as well. 


So when you need a break, take it.  When you’re stressed out, change the pace.


Otherwise, your body will force you to take one and only then do we realize how fragile and mortal we really are.  This week I’m refreshed and ready to give you great workouts once again.


So today’s workout is a 10-minute countdown workout, which means you have to complete the routine as many times as you can before the time is up. 


I am using my medicine ball and dumbbells to add extra resistance, but you can use anything else to add resistance like bags of rice, jugs of milk, and water bottles filled with sand. 


Have fun with today’s workout. It’s only 10 minutes long but will surely get your heart racing and muscles working!


Beginner variations are included as always, and the full workout details are below: 



Workout Details:


Keep track of your time on a clock, Gymboss Interval Timer or phone timer if you have one.


Perform the following 4 exercises one after the other until 10 minutes have passed.


Perform 10 repetitions for each exercise before moving on to the next one. Doing all four exercises counts as 1 set (round).


Record the number of sets or rounds that you complete in 10 minutes. If you have the time or energy to do more, then go for it.


Beginners can choose to perform fewer repetitions. Just listen to your body and adjust the intensity as needed.


Here are the exercise details:


1. Squat Swings x 10 reps: 

This exercise works the legs, glutes, shoulders, and core.  Every squat counts as 1 repetition.


2. Front Kick Lunge Touchdown (Right Leg) x 10 reps: 

The kick itself works the core and cardio, while the lunge touchdown targets the hamstrings and glutes. Beginners can kick lower and simply touch the floor instead of reaching back into a lunge position.


3. Front Kick Lunge Touchdown (Left Leg) x 10 reps: 

Same as above.


4. Sumo Dumbbell Push-Up x 10 reps: 

The push-up targets the chest, shoulders and triceps, while the plank 1-arm row targets the back and core.   Every push-up and 1-arm lift counts as 1 repetition.


All 4 exercises count as 1 set (round). Keep repeating for 10 minutes and record your the number of sets completed.



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