Sexy Legs & Bum Interval Workout

Posted on Monday, February 20th, 2012 at 7:10 am



Hi Everyone,


I tested this workout yesterday and I woke up this morning with a little soreness in my bum so it definitely works! 


I love it when I target my glutes and feel sore the next day because let’s face it, who doesn’t want a great looking behind? 


Squats and lunges are the all-time best exercises to give you that “Brazilian Butt” look so I’ve included those in addition to two other effective thigh and bum exercises. 


The best part once again is the fact that you don’t need any equipment and the workout is only 12 minutes short. 


As always, I’ve included a beginner version and the entire workout sequence and exercise details are described below:






Set your Gymboss Interval Timer to 9 rounds and two intervals: 10 seconds of rest followed by 30 seconds of hard work. 


The workout is split up into two parts and has a total of 4 exercises.  


For each part, you will alternate between two exercises at each interval. It is important that you always listen to your body and adjust the intensity as you see fit.


Here are more exercise details to help clarify:


Note: Although not shown in the video, it is very important that you warm-up before your workout and stretch afterwards.


You can find some easy stretches in my previous stretching routine here:


Part 1:


Start your interval timer. After the first 10-second beep, perform the first exercise (Squat Jumps) for 30 seconds.


When it beeps again, rest for 10 seconds then perform the second exercise (Kneeling Side Leg Lift Kicks) for 30 seconds.  Rest, then go back to the first exercise (Squat Jumps) for another 30 seconds.  


Since we’re working both sides individually, after you take your next 10-second rest, you’ll perform the Kneeling Side Leg Lift Kicks on the opposite side. 


Keep alternating between the two exercises until all 9 rounds are finished. You will follow the same pattern for Part 2.


Exercise Sequence:


Round 1 - Squat Jumps 30 seconds on, 10 sec rest


Round 2 – Left side Kneeling Side Leg Lift Kicks 30 seconds on, 10 sec rest


Round 3 - Squat Jumps 30 seconds on, 10 sec rest


Round 4 – Right side Kneeling Side Leg Lift Kicks 30 seconds on, 10 sec rest


Round 5 - Squat Jumps 30 seconds on, 10 sec rest


Round 6 – Left side Kneeling Side Leg Lift Kicks 30 seconds on, 10 sec rest


Round 7 - Squat Jumps 30 seconds on, 10 sec rest


Round 8 – Right side Kneeling Side Leg Lift Kicks 30 seconds on, 10 sec rest


Round 9 - Squat Jumps 30 seconds & you’re done Part 1!


Reset your interval timer and repeat the same pattern for part 2.


Exercise Descriptions:


1a) Squat Jumps: 

This exercise targets the legs, bum, and thighs.  The jumps add a power element and increase your heart rate as well.  Make sure that you keep your chest tall when you squat down - do not bend forward at the hips.  Keep the weight of your body on your heels. 


1b) Kneeling Side Leg Lift Kicks: 

This is a great exercise to target the outer thighs and glutes.  Make sure that your leg being extended stays in line with your body and does not come forward as you raise the leg to the side.  When you perform the kick, extend your leg from the knee while keeping everything else isolated. 


Part 2: 


Reset your interval timer and alternate between the next two exercises.


2a) Jump Lunge: 

This is a great lower body and cardio exercise.  The lunge targets the legs, thighs and glutes, while the jumps add a power element that elevates the heart rate.  Make sure that when you lunge down that your front knee does not go past your front toe and always keep your chest tall – do not bend forward at the waist.


2b) Lying Hip Extension (feet far out): 

This is a very simple yet effective exercise that targets the hamstrings (back of thighs) and the glutes (bum).  Press your heels into the floor as you raise your hips up towards the sky or ceiling.  The farther away your feet are from your body, the more difficult it becomes.  Beginners can position their feet close to their body as shown in the video.


Keep track of the number of repetitions that you complete each round so that you can try to beat it the next time you try the workout.



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