Strength, Balance & Agility Workout

Posted on Monday, October 3rd, 2011 at 7:29 am


Hey Everyone!


Today I decided to shoot my workout outside since the Dubai heat is slowly beginning to fade. 


I have another awesome workout that will leave you sweaty and re-energized in only 16 minutes! 


This 2-part workout works full body strength, balance, agility, and cardio. 


Most people neglect to perform balance exercises but it’s very important that you stimulate and strengthen your stabilizer muscles. 


These are your foundation muscles… it’s like building a house. 


A strong body must have a strong foundation to be able to support itself. 


This workout is an awesome overall workout that doesn’t need any equipment or a lot of space.  


If you’re a beginner, please give the workout a try and don’t give up. 


Even if you can only do a few repetitions, it’s better than none. 


Slowly, you will gain more energy and enough strength to complete a whole workout. 


The key is to keep trying and keep your body moving!


Please watch the video and you’ll find the complete workout details below:



Workout Details:


Set your interval timer to 12 rounds and two intervals: 10 seconds of rest and 30 seconds of work.


If you don’t have an interval timer, just keep track of your time on a watch that has a second hand.


There are 2 parts to this workout.   


PART 1 – Strength: 


The first part has 2 strengthening exercises. 


You will alternate between the two exercises after each interval. 


For example, after the first 10-second beep, you perform the 1st exercise for 30 seconds.


Rest for 10 seconds, then do the 2nd exercise.  Rest, then go back to the 1st exercise, and so on.


Alternate between the two exercises for the entire 12 rounds.  


This portion will take you 8 minutes to complete.


1. 3D Plank Push-Ups


2. Squat to Lunge (to make this even more challenging, perform squat jump to jump lunge)


**After you complete the 12 rounds, reset your timer and move on to the second part of this workout.**


PART 2 – Cardio, Balance & Agility: 


The second part of this workout also consists of 12 rounds of 2 intervals: 10 seconds of rest followed by 30 seconds of hard work. 


Perform one exercise after the other after each interval. 


For example, after the first 10-second beep, perform the 1st exercise for 30 seconds. 


Rest, then do the 2nd.  Rest, then do the 3rd.  Rest, then do the 4th.  Rest, then repeat the sequence again twice more for a total of 12 rounds. 


This portion will also take you 8 minutes to complete.


1. Military Run


2. Side to Side Hops


3. Left Leg Balance Side Extensions


4. Right Leg Balance Side Extensions 


And congratulations, you did it!


I hope you enjoy the workout and I can’t wait to hear from you.



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