Super Legs, Core & Cardio Workout

Posted on Thursday, January 19th, 2012 at 8:09 am



Hi Guys,


It’s important to listen to our bodies.  This week I’ve really been pushing my workouts hard, so today I felt like changing the pace a little with a core and cardio workout. 


This workout is about 15 minutes long so push yourself and make every second count. 


Today’s routine focuses on strengthening the core and gaining power in the legs so your heart will definitely be pumping! 


A beginner version is included in the second half of the video. 


The complete workout details are below:






Set your Gymboss Interval Timer to 6 rounds and two intervals: 10 seconds of rest followed by 30 seconds of work.


The workout is split up into three parts and has a total of 6 body weight exercises.


Each part will take you 4 minutes to complete and for each part, you will alternate between two exercises at each interval.


It is important that you always listen to your body and adjust the intensity as you see fit.


Here are the exercise details to clarify:


Note: Although not shown in the video, it is very important that you warm-up before your workout and stretch afterwards.


You can find some easy stretches in my previous stretching routine here:


Part 1:


Start your interval timer. After the first 10-second beep, perform the first exercise (Low Jumping Jacks) for 30 seconds.


When it beeps again, rest for 10 seconds then perform the second exercise (Bicycle Maneuver) for 30 seconds.


Keep alternating between the two exercises until all 6 rounds are finished. You will follow the same pattern for Part 2 & 3.


1a) Low Jumping Jacks: 

This exercise targets the legs and will elevate your heart rate.  Make sure that you stay low to the ground to really work your legs and don’t lean forward – keep your chest tall throughout the exercise.


1b) Bycycle Maneuver: 

This exercise has been proven to be the best abdominal exercise; all of the muscles of the core get activated.  Make sure that keep your lower back pressed to the floor throughout the exercise and don’t hold your breath.  Keep the motion smooth and controlled.


Part 2: 


Reset your interval timer to 8 rounds and alternate between the next two exercises.


2a) Jump Squats: 

This is a great leg and bum exercise that also gets your heart racing!  Make sure that you bend down from the knees and not the hips. Also make sure to keep your chest tall as you bend down to touch your toes. 


2b) Side Elbow Plank Leg Raises: 

This exercise targets the obliques (side abdominals) closest to the ground.  The leg raise targets the bum and outer thighs. You’ll also feel the shoulders working to keep your body upright.


Part 3: 


Reset your interval timer to 6 rounds and alternate between the next two exercises.


3a) Running High Knees: 

This traditional exercise is great for elevating your heart rate.  The higher you raise your knees, the more you’ll work!


3b) Alternating High to Low Planks: 

This exercise targets the core by maintaining the body in a neutral position.  You’ll also be working the shoulders and triceps as you lift and lower the body from the elbows to the hands.  Keep alternating arms so that you work them out evenly. 

For example, lift up starting with your right arm, then lower back down onto your elbow starting with your right arm.  Then go back up onto your hands by start with your left arm, and go back down with your left, and so on.


Keep track of the number of repetitions that you complete each round so that you can try to beat it the next time you try the workout.




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