Totally Awesome Full Body Workout

Posted on Monday, November 28th, 2011 at 10:59 am



Hi Everyone,


Today’s workout is proof that you don’t need equipment to get in shape. 


With only 4 bodyweight exercises, you’ll feel every muscle in your body working. 


The goal today is to complete 3 rounds (or whatever goal you set for yourself) as fast as possible so make sure to keep track of your time. 


It’s important that you keep proper form at all times so if you’re tired, either modify the exercise or take a quick break. 


Beginner variations are included at the end of the video. 


Please post your workout time… it will be fun to compare results. 


I hope you enjoy the workout and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Workout details are below:



Workout Details:


There are 4 different exercises and you will do 20 repetitions for each exercise.  


Start your stop watch and perform the exercises one after the other. 


After you complete the first round of all 4 exercises, repeat the sequence twice more for a total of 3 sets (rounds). 


It’s ok to take a sip of water in between each round but just keep in mind that the clock is running. 


You want to keep the workout as intense as possible. 


When you’re done, stop the timer and record your time. 


It should take you anywhere between 14 to 20 minutes to finish the workout depending on your fitness level.


Here are the exercises:


1. Single Leg Wall Sit & Pulse x 20 reps each leg: 

This exercise works the legs; more specifically the front of the thigh and hip flexor. Every pulse up counts as 1 repetition. Perform 20 reps on each leg.


2. Jumping Jacks x 20 reps: 

The jumping jack is a great exercise to elevate your heart rate. 


3. Single Leg Crawl to SL Push-Up x 10 reps each leg (20 total): 

The crawl exercise targets the core, legs, and upper body but more specifically the shoulders and triceps.  The push-up targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps as well. This is a great upper body exercise.


Take as many breaks as you need to keep proper form. Complete a total of 20 push-ups; 10 crawls on each leg.


4. Single Leg Bridge x 20 reps each leg: 

This exercise targets the back of the legs (hamstrings) and glutes (bum). Perform 20 reps on each leg.


All 4 exercises count as 1 round (set). Perform 3 rounds and record your finish time.


I only had time to do 2 rounds today and it took me exactly 10 minutes to complete it. I’ll give it a try again soon and update my time to reflect all 3 rounds.




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