Ultimate Core & Cardio Workout

Posted on Monday, November 14th, 2011 at 5:17 am


Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an interval workout, so today’s routine is just that.  It’s 16 minutes long and focuses on the core and cardio. 


There are 4 different core exercises combined with 4 different jump rope exercises to really get you sweating.  


If you don’t have a jump rope or the skills to perform the exercises, just mimic the arm motion with your hands. 


As for the Gymboss Interval Timer , if you don’t yet have one, consider purchasing one. 


It’s a small investment but is a must for any home gym.  Plus it’ll make your life so much easier instead of having to monitor your time on a clock or stopwatch. 


Beginners, I haven’t forgotten about you. 


You’ll find the modifications and “how-to” explanations at the end of my video. 


Ok, take a look and give it all you’ve got!  Below are the workout details: 


Workout Details:


Set your Gymboss Interval Timer to 6 rounds and two intervals; 10 seconds of rest followed by 30 seconds of work for each exercise.


There are 2 parts for each exercise. If you don’t have a jump rope or don’t have enough coordination to perform the different jumps, simply mimic the jump rope motion with your hands.
Exercise 1:


A) Jump Rope – High Knees  


B) Star Crunch to Toe Touch 


Start your interval timer. After the first 10-second beep, perform the high knees for 30 seconds.


Rest for 10 seconds, then quickly get down onto your mat and perform the star crunch to toe touch for 30 seconds.


Rest for 10 seconds and grab your jump rope to perform the high knees again for another 30 seconds.


Keep alternating between the two exercises until all 6 rounds are finished, and continue with this pattern for the rest of the exercises below.

Exercise 2: Reset your interval timer and start again with 6 rounds.


A) Jump Rope – 2 Feet


B) Plank Diagonal Knee Tucks


Exercise 3: Reset your interval timer and start again with 6 rounds.


A) Jump Rope – Jog


B) Reverse & Head Crunch


Exercise 4: Reset your interval timer and start again with 6 rounds.


A) Jump Rope – Jumping Jacks


B) Bicycle Maneuver


I hope you enjoy the workout and don’t forget to leave me a comment.


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