Upper Body & Core Workout

Posted on Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 at 7:06 am



Hi Guys,


I wanted to balance out the workouts this week so today’s 15-minute routine will primarily focus on the muscles of the upper body and core.  


I am using my medicine ball and resistance band but these can easily be substituted with things that you can find at home like cans of beans, water bottles, or even jugs of milk. 


I show these variations towards the end of my video.  There are 5 different exercises in the circuit and the goal is to complete 5 sets. 


You’ll also need your interval timer or a clock to keep track of your intervals and of course, a bottle of water.


Remember to always include a warm-up and stretches afterwards.


A warm-up can be as simple as running on the spot for a few minutes or running up and down the stairs if you have any.


My favorite warm-up is to jump rope for about 3 minutes. The point of the warm-up is exactly that – to make the muscles warm and supple and ready for exercise.


Beginner variations are included as always, and the full workout details are below:



Workout Details:


Set your Gymboss Interval Timer to 30 rounds of 2 intervals: 10 seconds of rest followed by 20 seconds of work.


There are 5 different exercises and you will do each exercise for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds before performing the next exercise in the circuit.


Keep repeating the circuit over and over until you have completed 30 rounds (or 5 sets).


Take a quick sip of water if you need to during your 10-second rest intervals.


Here is the exercise sequence and descriptions:


1. Push-Up to Toe Touch: 

The push-up targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps.  Bringing the knee in towards the chest to touch your foot activates the core muscles.


2. Reverse Fly (Right Arm): 

This exercise targets the back of the shoulder to give your shoulders that nice cut look.  Make sure that you bend your body to a complete 90 degree angle at the waist and keep the arm in line with your shoulder.  As you drive the arm up to the side, turn your hand down so that your pinkie finger is higher than your thumb. 


3. Reverse Fly (Left Arm): 

Same as above.


4. Super(wo)man: 

This exercise targets the shoulders, back, and glutes.  Make sure that you keep your arms in line with your ears when you lift them off the ground.


5. Jack Knife Sit-Up: 

This exercise targets the abs.  As you lower your body back to the ground, make sure that you suck in your stomach towards your spine to protect your back. Keep your body rounded as you lower back to the ground.


6. 1-Arm Shoulder Press x 2: 

This exercise helps strengthen the shoulders and triceps.  Make sure that you stand with your knees slightly bent, suck in your stomach to engage your core, and breathe throughout the exercise.


All 6 exercises count as 1 set. Perform 5 sets (or 30 rounds on your interval timer).


If you’re a beginner, listen to your body and only do as many sets as is comfortable for you.



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